General Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose and general overview

Vivenio Residencial SOCIMI, S.A. (hereinafter referred as “Vivenio” o “nosotros”), is making these terms and conditions (hereinafter, “General Conditions”) available to you. These General Conditions govern the access, use and browsing of the website held under the domain as well as its respective subdomains (hereinafter, the “Website”).

In our Website we (i) make available to you a place to search properties owned by Vivenio for rental, (ii) offer you the possibility that you contact with us to manage any query you may have or to file a claim if you understand Vivenio has committed an infringement and (iii) make available the corporate and financial information concerning our activity (the “Services”).

2. Who is Vivenio?

Vivenio is the owner of this Website, with the following corporate information:

Please feel free to contact us at any time, by post using the above-mentioned address, by sending us an email or by contacting us through our Website in section “Contact”.

3. Access and acceptance of the General Conditions

When accessing or using the Website, you do so under your own responsibility and assume the role of user (hereinafter, “User”) and it is assumed that you have read, understand and unreservedly accept these General Conditions in their latest published version.

If you use additional services requiring registration, whether as a private user or professional user, you will become a registered user (hereinafter, “Registered User”). This likewise assumes that you accept the specific conditions that replace, add to and/or modify these General Conditions as they apply in each case.

We reserve the right to extend, modify, substitute and/or cancel our Services and/or these General Conditions at any time, without prior notice and without giving rise to any liability or indemnity on the part of Vivenio.

If you do not agree with these General Conditions or with any changes that may be made to them, you will need to stop using the Website as well as the Services. If you continue to use them, it means that you accept the General Conditions.

4. Minors

The Services provided by Vivenio are not intended for minors under 18 years old. By accessing or using our Website or Services, you state and guarantee that you are 18 years old or over.

5. Conditions of use and responsibility for use of the Website

Your use of the Website must always comply with these General Conditions, as well as applicable law, good morals, decency and public order. You may not use any of the above unlawfully, inappropriately or in any way that contravenes any provision in these General Conditions.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property

Through these General Conditions, you acknowledge and accept that all rights regarding the material and elements appearing on the Website (including, but not limited to, drawings, text, graphics, maps, photographs, images, audio material, video material, distinguishing marks, logos, trademarks, trade names, domains, software etc.) belong to Vivenio or, where appropriate, to third parties who have consented to the transfer of the same to Vivenio, consequently, we have all the necessary rights and licenses for the use of such.

The fact that we allow you to access, use, browse, utilize and/or download material from our Website in no way implies that we waive, transmit or grant any licenses or transfer of our rights, or that you acquire ownership thereof. As a User or a Registered User, you only have the right to strictly personal and private use, solely to benefit from the Service. Consequently, you cannot manipulate any identifying element from Vivenio or the respective owners. In particular, the use of any material or elements from the Website for inclusion in whole or in part on other websites or apps without our prior written permission is prohibited.

Specifically, it is not permitted to re-sell, deep link, use, copy, monitor (for example, spider, scrape), display, download, save or reproduce the content, information, software, products or services available on our website for any commercial or competitive activity without our prior written permission.

7. Links or hyperlinks to the Website

At Vivenio, we are concerned about the integrity of our Website when they are accessed in a particular way solely by third parties or when they are displayed in an area created exclusively by third parties. In this regard, you must explicitly request and ensure you have the express written permission of Vivenio before deep linking or framing this Website or any of its contents. If you would like to do this, when contacting Vivenio to request permission you will need to include: a) your name, email address and telephone number, b) the name of your company, c) the address or addresses of the website where the proposed deep linking or framing will appear, d) specific information on the deep linking or framing covered, including the content or pages of the website with which you want to establish the deep linking or framing.

You must not link our Website with any other website containing inappropriate, defamatory or illegal information, material or themes, or material or information that infringes on any third party’s rights, including any intellectual or industrial property rights. Likewise, you may not set up any kind of framing that allows the Website to be viewed through an address other than that of the actual Website in such a way that or that could create errors or confuse or mislead users as regards the true source of the items or services being displayed, or that involves an act of unfair competition

8. Personal data protection

When you access the Website and/or use the Services, it is possible that we may process your personal data. You can get detailed information about how and why we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

We also hereby notify you that we may use cookies when you browse the Website. You can get detailed information about our use of cookies in our Cookies Policy.

9. Applicable and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions are subject to the laws of Spain. Any dispute arising will be submitted to and resolved, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, by the Courts of Madrid or, where appropriate, by the Courts where the User lives.