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Sustainability Report 2023


For us, sustainability is not a fashion statement.
We work with the conviction of contributing our grain of sand to creating a sustainable future for the planet and for future generations.

For this reason, since its inception, Vivenio's business model has operated firmly following sustainability criteria, understood as a comprehensive concept that impacts the entire business value chain from economic-financial, operational and environmental perspectives.

Our vision is to do our business well, betting on a positive social, environmental and governance impact, thinking about the communities where we operate and respecting our surroundings.

We work following the best international practices within an ESG plan that impacts all the variables of our business.

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Our ESG plan pivots on international comparative sustainability standard

In 2023 we have achieved the highest rating, 5 stars, placing us as European leaders in our peer group. Below, you can find the study case presented by GRESB. Link

Our product and building sustainability standard takes BREEAM as a reference.

In all projects under development we work with BREEAM Good, Very Good and Excellent, as the highest BREEAM ratings.

In the buildings in operation we are working on a comprehensive “BREEAM in use” plan to improve energy efficiency and decarbonisation of buildings.
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All new buildings and developments have the highest energy ratings.

This policy is implemented from the first phases of the business, studying the environmental and social impact of all the properties we acquire and exhaustively reviewing them to implement and promote the use of renewable energies, as well as obtaining international certifications such as Breeam or adding points in indices such as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

We work closely with companies specializing in energy efficiency, which translates into numerous actions in favor of sustainability, such as providing LED lighting in common areas, implementing water-saving measures by promoting use of native plant species or installing drip irrigation in green areas.
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Global Report Initiative
We work with non-financial reporting standards to inform the market of our activity.

We report in an integrated and transparent way, recognizing our main stakeholders: our clients, our shareholders, collaborators, our employees, ensuring the environment where our activity operates.
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Sustainability Report 2023
For us it is key to have the right partners and build lasting and long-term relationships.

For this reason, we work with Ecovadis as a platform for evaluating the quality of our supplier base, in order to guarantee that our supply chain and network of partners, regardless of their size, comply with the best practices and international standards in terms of of the environment, labor practices, human rights, regulatory compliance, ethics and sustainable purchases.
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Supplier program and sustainable supply chain Ecovadis
In our policy of setting ourselves objectives in terms of environmental impact, we monitor all consumption.

We do it in all our buildings with the idea of rationalizing the consumption of fossil fuels, moving towards the energy transition and long-term decarbonisation of buildings. With them we make the impact of our activity and that of our clients environmentally and economically sustainable.

Since last year all our rental contracts incorporate green clauses.
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We monitor consumption anonymously and automatically with the platform Deepki

in figures

score GRESB
in your peer group
Score Ecovadis
10 points above the
average of Ecovadis 2021
surface under
residential management
subject to ESG plans
+720K m² c
Coverage area
monitoring of

2020 - 2025 goals

Building Certifications
2020-2025 LfL

of Vivenio's building portfolio will have a sustainability certification
2025 DATA
Data coverage
2020-2025 LfL

of the consumption data monitored in Vivenio's buildings
Ecologically vegetated area
2020-2025 LfL

of the Vivenio residential buildings will have green areas of native species whose vegetation follows ecological criteria and criteria for the protection and promotion of biodiversity
Renewable energy use
2020-2025 LfL

of Vivenio buildings will cover their energy needs with renewables


+30% response in surveys

Active Listening and Co-creation with our clients.

We conduct surveys and actively listen to our customer base in order to design products and services for their needs.
We monitor the activity of use and reservations of our spaces from our app, in this way, we improve our service proposal in the buildings and to the clients we serve
+30% response in surveys

High level of ENGAGEMENT with the customer community.

We organize events both for our installed customer base and in the communities in which we operate, events of social, educational, sports and recreational nature, because we understand that our activity has a positive impact on the environment and because we want to return part of the benefit to the community.
Our activity is supported by +8,861 reservations²⁰²¹
of customers from our app with +3,358 active users

Diversity and Parity

We understand that wealth and innovation lies in diversity.

We are committed to gender parity. In our team we have practically reached a balance of 50%, between the men and women who are part of Vivenio, with the same opportunity for progression and career.

Diversity and Parity