Privacy Policy

1. Who is responsible for processing your data?

Vivenio Residencial SOCIMI, S.A., a company with registered office in Madrid, at Calle María de Molina 54, 3º, (28006), with Tax Identification Number (NIF) A-87805768 (hereinafter referred to as “Vivenio“) is the data controller of the personal data that are sent through our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website“).

We provide information in the following sections about (i) how we use your personal data, whether you use our Website to search for information about properties advertised or to inform to us about any complaint you may have through the forms available in the Website and (i) the rights you hold as the owner of the personal data.

If you have any queries related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following email address:

2. Purpose of the processing: what can we do with your data?

The personal data provided to us by the users of the Website through the forms available can be managed by Vivenio as follow:

  1. We manage your personal data to render the services you have requested through the Website and Apps. The list of services includes the following:
    1. managing your communications sent to us by users of the Website; and
    2. saving and managing your searches for properties as user of the Website.
  2. In the case of a claim or query, we will process your data to manage such claim or query.

3. Legal basis: why can we process your personal data?

The legal basis that allows us to process your data for each of the purposes specified in section 2 above are:

  1. legitimate interest (to handle the queries and claims you send to us; and
  2. your consent (by fulfilling the forms available in the Website, you have authorized us to manage your personal data to save and manage your searching for properties and manage the queries and claims you send to us).

4.To whom we can disclose your personal data?

Vivenio informs that the personal data will be managed by Renta Corporación, S.A., because Vivenio has hired Renta Corporación, S.A. to manage such personal data, in compliance with all legal provisions on personal data protection.

5. Period for storing your data: how long will we process them?

Depending on each processing purpose, the period for storing your data will be:

  1. while you are using our services or while we or the supplier is handling your requests (applicable to paragraph 2.a above); and
  2. until the query or claim has been settled (paragraph 2.b)

After that, as long as the user has not exercise the right to cancel, the personal data will be stored during the legal period applicable for time to time depending on the type of personal data and the processing purpose.

In any case, you may request detailed information about the storing periods by contacting us to the following address:

6. Required updated information

There are fields in the forms that are for mandatory completion, without which we will be unable to render you the services you request. When you click on the “Ok, let’s go” button (or equivalent) included in the aforementioned forms, you state that the information and the data that you provide are correct and true.

In order for the information provided to always be up to date and so that it does not contain any errors, please remember to inform us as soon as possible of any changes and rectifications of your personal data that occur by using the following email address:

7. Rights of data owners

We hereby inform you that you can exercise the following rights:

  1. the right to access your personal data to know which ones are subject to processing and the data processing operations carried out with them;
  2. the right to rectify any inaccurate personal data;
  3. the right to cancel your personal data, whenever this is possible (for example, by a legal order);
  4. the right to request the restriction of your personal data processing when the accuracy, legality or need for the data processing is in doubt, in such case, we can keep them to file or defend any claims;
  5. the right to oppose processing of your personal data, when the legal basis that authorizes us to process them in our legitimate interest allows this. Vivenio will stop processing your data unless it has a legitimate interest or it is necessary to defend claims;
  6. the right to the portability of your data, when the legal basis that authorizes us to process them is the existence of a contractual relationship or your consent has been granted;
  7. the right to revoke the consent granted to Vivenio.

You can exercise your rights at any time free of charge in the following ways:

  1. from the private area on the Website;
  2. you can send an email to specifying the right that you wish to exercise and your identifying data and a copy of your Spanish Identity Card or an equivalent identification card; or
  3. you cans serve written communication to Vivenio to the following address Calle María de Molina 54, 3º, 28006 (Madrid), specifying the right that you wish to exercise and your identifying data and a copy of your Spanish Identity Card or an equivalent identification card.

We also inform you that you are entitled to submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you consider an infringement has been committed of the data protection laws when processing your personal data.

8. Confidentiality and security

At Vivenio, we make all reasonable efforts to keep the personal information confidential that is processed through the Website. We will apply strict security levels to protect the personal data we process to avoid accidental loss and unauthorized access, processing or disclosure, bearing in mind the state of the art, the nature and risks to which the data are exposed. However, we cannot be held responsible for your use of the data at Vivenio outside the Website.

9. Whistle blowing/ Anti-corruption Channel

The Whistle blowing Channel is the tool enabled by Vivenio so that all employees, professionals and clients can transmit any suspicion of behavior against the law or opposite to Vivenio’s Code of Conduct.

The management of this channel is entirely confidential. Vivenio will process your personal details for the investigation of the complaint made through our Whistle blowing Channel, for the purpose of detecting and avoiding potentially illegal conduct and / or contrary to Vivenio’s Code of Conduct and for the defense of company interests and rights. You may exercise your data protection rights addressing to Velázquez Street 51, 1º, Madrid (MADRID), Spain or sending an e-mail to

When Vivenio receives a complaint, an investigation will be started by the Risk & Compliance Committee. Once the information has been analyzed, Vivenio will carry out an investigation process to determine if the facts reported are true, relying on external advisers if the nature of the facts reported may require. Once the investigation has been completed, the Risk & Compliance Committee will prepare a findings and recommendation report in which the proven facts and the recommendations about the measures to be adopted by Vivenio in order to take the appropriate reprisal and the necessary prevention measures will be assessed.