About us

Your rental housing company

Vivenio is a real estate company that aspires to become the leading company in rental housing in Spain.

Thanks to the quality and location of its buildings, its customer service, its emphasis on innovation and its care for the environment, it is already one of the reference companies in the sector.


Extensive experience and top management team

Vivenio is the Socimi created by the Dutch pension fund APG together with Renta Corporación. On one side, APG (www.apg.nl/en) is one of the largest investors, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world, and is committed to society and the environment. It makes investments, including real estate, directly and indirectly to guarantee the payment of the pensions of its participants. And on the other, Renta Corporación (www.rentacorporacion.com) is backed by 25 years of experience in the real estate market. Its main responsibility is to manage the properties in the most efficient way to offer tenants the best service in the rental housing.

In addition, Vivenio has a great team of professionals led by Daniel Loureda (CEO) and Rafael Palomo (CFO), both with a wide and recognized professional career in the real estate sector and, especially, in the residential area.

Renting with us

01 Quality
Our commitment is to offer quality apartments that fit what you want and be by your side to help you in whatever you need. Being an easy and accessible renting option.

02 Locations
Our apartments are located in the main cities of Spain, in areas with high renting demand, with good communications and surrounded by services and green areas. So you can enjoy the environment that surrounds them.

03 Customer service
Our goal is to be your reference in the rental of first residence. For this, we strive to respond to your needs in the fastest and most efficient way. So you can spend your time on what's important.

04 Innovation
We want to be leaders in the rental housing sector and for that we are going to put into practice a strategy of innovation and development of digital tools to become the option of the future in renting. To make life easier and more fun.

Our life is constantly changing and we need a home that adapts to us and our needs in a flexible way. For this reason, rental housing is on the rise and is the preferred choice for many people to build their home.

In Vivenio, we set our pillars in our professionalism and in our experience within the residential sector in Spain. Our commitment is based on offering quality apartments that fit what you are looking for and to help you in what you may need as a tenant.

We will be happy to help you.