Vivenio Residencial Socimi S.A. is dedicated to the development, acquisition and management of residential properties for renting in Spain.The company’s strategy is focused on providing the best service to its tenants to become the leading company in the sector in Spain and reward its shareholders by generating and increasing recurrent revenues and creating value through the proactive management of its real estate portfolio.

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VIVENIO RESIDENCIAL SOCIMI, S.A. average payment period to suppliers for 2019 has been 5 days, term below the legal maximum of 60 days established in Law 31/2014 of December 3, which establishes measures to combat late payment in commercial operations. The calculation is prepared according to the ICAC Resolution of January 29, 2016.



Our life is constantly changing and we need a home that adapts to us and our needs in a flexible way. For this reason, rental housing is on the rise and is the preferred choice for many people to build their home.

In Vivenio, we set our pillars in our professionalism and in our experience within the residential sector in Spain. Our commitment is based on offering quality apartments that fit what you are looking for and to help you in what you may need as a tenant.



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